Industrial poetry

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What is a Solo-X?
What does it mean to stand alone, against all Odds, When everything seems against you and you stand anyway?
Where there is no second place.
When failure is not an option.
It's you against the world. Again...again...
& again.
"He who stands alone is the strongest man in the world"
There you are. Alone. Defiant. Obstinate.
Un-moveable stone. Defined by your
Will to live. To overcome. To conquer.
There is no glory.
The battles you face when there is no one there to see. When there is no one to get your back. No one to catch you if you fall.
You fight anyway. You fight because there is no other alternative. You fight because that is all you have left.
You are a warrior.
"If war is to be, then it might as well start right here."
Draw your line. 
Stand your ground.
Live by your own rules.
Live with integrity, strength, honor, passion, desire. Let these be your badges. The only medals you will ever receive.
If this is what defines you.
If this is who you are.
You may be by yourself but
You are not alone.
You are one of us.

Where were you?

when I had no voice, no way to scream

when I was lost, alone & broken

on my knees?



Dates of Upcoming Live Events:

The Goth Invasion of Portland

12 Bands, Djs, and more !
Dates : October 14th, 15th & 16th - 2021
Oct. 14th -     Ships in the Night
                       Gothic Lizard,  
         Dj's Jody Rose & Dj Anjela Johnson
Oct. 15th -           Die Robot
                         Cliff & Ivy 
         Dj  Novatron & Dj Daemon Chadeau
Oct. 16th -  Adrian H. & the Wounds
               Dj Kaoz  & Dj Barbie Saint

Location :  Haunted, White Eagle Saloon
Portland, Oregon

Dark SceneSolo-X


Solo-x is an avant-gadre industrial/electronic force that blurs the line between art, music, poetry, destruction & transformation.  Solo-X is the brainchild of the poet solo, beginning in the bowels of the seedy underbelly of New Orleans in 2011 to finding it's home in the grime filled streets of Los angeles in 2016.  With the release of their groundbreaking, epic first studio album 'Twitch' in June of 2020, since then having been played all over the world. Combined with the intensity, artistry & ferocity

of the live shows, it  has catapulted  Solo-X into the explosive, in your face force that it is today.


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