Overall Impression:
Solo-X's "Breathe" leaps into action with a thunderous electronic beat and snarling vocals - artfully utilizing digital distortion to animate the track's brutally existential lyrical content!  Unrelenting electronica delivers a feel that both moves the body and ensnares the mind, echoing the spiraling intensity of an anxiety attack with eerie precision as Solo-X laments the emotional highs and lows of existence with aggressive repetition of the track's title, "Breathe".

Strongest Point(s):
The delivery and drive here are perfect for the genre - establishing a trance-like sonic foundation for emotionally devastating lyrical content and managing to maintain a sound that feels both spacious and oppressive.  Eerie instrumentals align well with the lyrical content and produce a sense of artistic cohesion throughout the track, and the vocal distortion serves a similar role in keeping with the auditory theme while allowing the lyrics to come through.  Intense, immense feel and a relentless drive make for a memorable listening experience!

Area(s) of Improvement:
Overall, this is a great sound for the style - and while the bridge/climax of the track doesn't deviate much from the established activity, it works well for the occasion.  The addition of another musical part or a reduction of the underlying electronica around the bridge would give a more dynamic feel to the song, but it's killer just as it is!

Target Audience Appeal:
Listeners with a passion for the bold intensities of Industrial Electronica will fall headlong into the soundscape that Solo-X has so carefully crafted - with the lyrical content and overall feel of "Breathe" resonating intimately among those that pay heed to the human experience and all of its bizarre beauty. - Jon W.


All For Me

Overall Impression: California-based Solo-X has released their new industrial track All For Me. Powered by heavy drums and layers of sound, All For Me brings a slow groove to the world of industrial music. It gives the impression of a monstrous heaving giant from a horror film. Animalistic and primal, the lyrics intentionally dive into the darkness of sexual vanity. They strip down humanity to explore a point of view too intense for the mainstream. The guttural vocals exemplify the primitive qualities in the lyrics. Typically shouted, they avoid subtlety and demand their presence be known. Overall, All For Me by Solo-X is an extreme new Industrial track not for the faint of heart.

Strongest Point(s): All For Me quickly darkens the atmosphere and doesn't turn back. It has encapsulated a mood and unapologetically holds steadfast.

Area(s) of Improvement: The tune really does a good job of capturing an idea/state of mind! The content will likely be too much or too controversial for listeners outside of your intended audience.